From big mountains and deep powder to spring slush and tree riding, this universe is full of opportunity to explore the mountainous sanctuaries that surround us. Just as mysterious, colorful lights ebb and flow through the sky, the Warp Wave posse has set out to drift and weave throughout the mountains with the mentality that just beyond the next peak, a blissful paradise awaits. Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Tucker Andrews, Nick Russel, Taylor Carlton, Felix Mobarg, Curtis Woodman, Johnny Brady and more, are currently out in search of their own mountainous paradise. Once the high peaks lose their blanket of white, and the leaves begin to turn red, your screen will light up and "Aurora Boardealis" will paint you a picture of the snowboard paradise we've found. 

We grabbed two freestylers, took away their comfy soft boots and playful bindings angles- replacing them with neon plastic race boots and aggressive double positive stances. We drove them up to the hill, threw them on the chairlift and told them to turn on their inner Damian Sanders. Watch Tucker Andrews and Felix Mobarg lay down the law, while unleashing the beast in "HARD BOOT'N SONS A' GUNS" 

When a high pressure rolls in bringing sunshine and warm temps, there's no better sign that it's time to hit the lifts and Hot Boy around the slopes of Boreal. Grab your boards, a bunch of crazy boarders, ditch your brain, and get extreme. Featuring stunts by: Felix Mobarg, Tucker Andrews, Johnny Brady, Jackson Fowler, Eric Messier, Taylor Carlton, Gray Thompson, Max Tokunaga, and Alex Horgan 

This fall we met up with pro wake Shad C. to get a little insight on how to make the transition from a season of wake, to a season of snow. Our production assistants did their best to capture the thoughts and practices that Shad preaches on land and in the lake. Shad may have been a little distracted, but we'll say he's doing great and ready for the snow!