January 2015. A new year means new opportunity and our resolution is to take on adventure in any shape or form. What better a way to kick off the 2015 winter season than to hit the road for a bucket list adventure, heading North to Interior British Columbia, a powder-filled paradise destination that neither Eric nor myself have traveled to before. Our good friend and photographer Sean Kerrick Sullivan reached out to us with an invitation to join him and Jeremy Jensen on a 10 day Pow Surf Safari into the heart of the powder- holy land that is BC.

Jeremy, owner and operator of Grassroots Pow Surf- has been exploring this area for a few years now, riding terrain that compliments his beautifully hand made, binding-less powder surf boards. While Eric and I have merely dabbled with binding-less riding, we were honored to be invited, and ecstatic to get up there. We stuffed our gear into every nook and cranny available in my two seater Toyota Tacoma, loaded our snowmobile and set forth on a 20 hour drive from California, through Oregon and Washington, finally crossing into Canada.  

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos from the Pow Surf Safari and keep an eye out for the full story and short film.  -Gray