February in California has not been one for the books when it comes to snowfall and bottomless pow days. While the North East has been buried in fluff all month, us Californians have been dealing with the complete opposite; high temps and corn snow. This ridge of high pressure has forced us to think outside the box about where and how to keep the dream alive! Luckily, we've had a solid crew of motivated boarders and everyone is antsy for adventure. 

A few hours North West of beautiful Lake Tahoe, lays a sleeping giant; the majestical Mt. Shasta. Shasta is an amazing volcano that sits in the boundaries of the Cascade Mountain Range. Taylor Carlton sparked an idea to venture north and rip around the rolling, wavey terrain that Shasta offers and with no fresh snow in sight, we jumped in our adventure mobiles and hit the open road. 

We spent three full days basking in the sunshine, ripping gullies apart, blasting off windlips; having ourselves a real good time. Sulfur surfing to the max. With more volcanos plastered up and down the West coast, Shasta has been our jumping off point for the discovery of new and unique terrain. Stay tuned for the Volcanic Visions flick!


Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Taylor Carlton, Tucker Andrews, Alex Horgan, and Felix Mobarg

words & photos: GT