Join Warp Wave's Sierra Surfers as they journey and shred through "A Place Called Kookabunga."
Stuck in a land stricken by drought, the cast searches high and far for the mystical recipe of good snow and rad times. With a soundtrack written and performed by Easy Giant, A Place Called Kookabunga is a 25 minute cerebral experience that will leave you eager to grab your friends and head for the mountains.

Featuring: Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Tucker Andrews, Tim Eddy, Jeremy Jenses, Taylor Carlton, Felix Mobarg, Hannah Eddy, Harry Kearney, Alex Horgan, Griffin Siebert, Alex "Oz Man" Scott, Jake McCarthy, and Max Tokunaga.

Shot on Location in: Lake Tahoe, Ca. Mt. Shasta, Ca. Revelstoke, BC

Music: Original soundtrack written and performed by Easy Giant, from the album "Holy Wave"
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Directed by: Gray Thompson & Eric Messier
Edited by: Gray Thompson
Cinematography: Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Kyle Schwartz, Jeremy Jensen, Taylor Carlton, Brian Sizer
Photography: Sean Kerrick Sullivan

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